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June 29, 2019

On-Guard Jungle Adventures

Whether your at home, at work or the jungles of Guatemala, taking a few simple, effortless steps to stay healthy is a no brainer.  We've been usign doterra's On-Guard to stay clean and helathy on the road. Check out the video to learn more. Give it a whirl. Sign up for your account and purchase online here. Sign up.              
November 20, 2018

Top Tip Tuesday-Relieve Muscle & Joint Pain

Whether you're 16 or 60 years of age, if you love pushing yourself you'll know the discomfort of having to battle with the distraction of muscle or joint pain. After a recent monster push, to ride from Northern Belize to North Carolina, USA in just 6-days, our bodies were feeling the strain. Pain med's and standard Ibuprofen weren't cutting it! Deep Blue dealt with our locked lower backs and dealt…
July 28, 2018

Lisa's Guide to Stretching - Beginner's

Unlike brute strength, our levels of flexibility aren't regularly tested either in everyday life or during our most adventurous pursuits.  Most of us don't really know how supple we are or more normally "aren't", until a particular movement pushes us past a certain point and we end up injured. Did you know that more injuries occur in sports because of a lack of flexibility, than because of a lack…
July 12, 2018

The Perfect Body Wake Up Routine

The response to FIT4ADV has been incredible. So, many people know they need to get themselves healthy, but don't know how to start. We live in the real world and lets face it, there just isn't enough time in the day to spend hours in a gym. Living on the road, Simon & I don't have the luxury of "routine", so we never know where we're going to be, or…
April 03, 2018

Our Top Ten Essentials     Lifelong Vitality® Pack If you want to really understand how we went from living with a constant state of fatigue to being focused and full and energy, I have three words for you "Life Long Vitality." Our lives are full and non-stop; as authors, adventure motorcycle riders, travelers, public speakers and educators we rarely have enough hours in the day to get it all, but we…
March 28, 2018

Enroll Now

  Let's get Started Down below we've created a step-by-step to help walk you through the enroll process, which usually take just 3-4 minutes. But if you're the kind of person that likes being really thorough and you like videos, we've taken care of that to. Just the video below and we'll get you started.   Enrollment Walk-Through When you click "Set Up My Wholesale Account" here or on…
March 19, 2018

Essential FIT4ADV - Intro

Getting More Out Of Life If you’ve landed on this page I’m guessing that you’d like to feel healthier and more energized. C’mon, who doesn’t want to get more out of life?”—Simon Thomas, 2Ride The World You’re probably also curious what all the fuss is about with these “so called” essential oils. Yep, we were too! We’d heard a lot of noise about these “wonder potions”, but the idea that…
January 06, 2018

Fit4ADV-Getting Started

Title: Fit For AdventureWritten by: Lisa ThomasPhotos: Simon Thomas So you’re heading off on your long awaited trip; it could be for a couple of days, or, if you’re lucky, for even longer. You’ve been planning your trip for a while, you’ve prepped your bike, worked for hours on your bike making sure that its ‘trip ready’. You have your tools, spares, your riding kit, boots, helmets, gloves and probably…
January 04, 2018

What Is FIT4ADV?   Welcome to FIT4ADV. The right place for workout routines, nutrition advice and essential oils and motivation, geared towards an adventurous lifestyle”—Simon Thomas, 2Ride The World Simon and I understand that our lifestyle and ambitions are dependent on us having a strong foundation of physical health and well-being. But more than that, being physically fit and therefore mentally energized opens doors in life, and allows us to create…

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