Xmas Eve in Islamabad

Even for us this camp site is just too bleak and lonely to spend Xmas, so after a slow packup we’ve moved ourselves into the Alpine Lodge Hotel just 1km from the camp spot. The oddly named Alpine Lodge has just been refurbished and I’m pretty sure we’re the first guests, the price is just a few dollars and compared to the camp site it’s heaven. You can find the Alpine Lodge Hotel at GPS: N33 42.974 E73 05.572

Xmas Eve…..and it doesn’t feel like it at all…we had been spoilt over the last couple of years but this year is going to be a non-event rather like Simons birthday! Mind you, how many other people can say they spent Xmas day in Islamabad eh? Well other than the people who live here of course! Duh.

We decided that we should go out…somewhere? In the end we went to The Marriot (where we knew there was a bar…but would they serve non-guests?)

We treated ourselves to a meal in one of the restaurants there –Thai- and then went downstairs to have a drink. A long dark subterrainian room devoid of atmosphere and the kind of place you expect to see dodgy arms deals going on.

As it turns out they had closed the bar as no one was in it….but re-opened it just for us. It was a lonely one drink (G&T) and one game of pool affair and after wishing Nico a Happy Xmas we took the ride back to our guest house. It had been nice to dress up and had made us feel a bit more Christmasy. On our return even the hotel had a lit up a Christmas tree in their small reception and had thrown on some decorations…no music though.

Dec 24, 2009
Updated: July 25, 2014