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June 18, 2017


Well, just how cool is that? Just a few days ago, DIRTY DINING: An Adventurers Cookbook, was featured on the the USA National hit TV show 'Right This Minute'. The book went down a treat and they even filmed one of our favourite dessert recipes and shared it onscreen. Take a peak and find out what they thought of the end result.         Right This Minute - National US TV Show - 2016…
June 15, 2017

Birthday Girl

Lisa's 55th Birthday was one to remember. With some time in between events in the USA, Lisa and I have spent time doing what we love, camping, outdoor cooking, walking and swimming in waterfalls. Does it get any better?! We pitched the tent, erected our tarp (the kitchen) and slid on the walking shoes and enjoyed a couple of quiet days just soaking it all up.  The days running up to my birthday we camped…
June 10, 2017

DIRTY DINING - Launch Success

We both felt a huge amount of excitement at the idea of launching Lisa’s Cookbook DIRTY DINING at this years Overland Expo West at Flagstaff. There were also palpable waves of anxiety.We’ve created DIRTY DINING: An Adventurers Cookbook, ourselves, from just an idea that was first mentioned at the end of a tough days ride in Mongolia (see the story here).We’d borrowed the money to print the first limited-edition 100 copies, and neither Lisa nor…
June 06, 2017

Welcome To Our New Site

Thanks for dropping by, we think you’re going to love our new site. Our new web site has been a long, long, long time in the planning and, producing the finished product is both the culmination of hard work, and way too many late nights following long days in the saddle.Over the years we’ve loved to be able to share our journey with friends from around the world. However, with so much content, we were…
May 24, 2017

Great Hospitality in Chattanooga

Lisa and I wanted to express our sincere thanks to the Likhon (owner) Rocky and all the staff at Holiday Inn Express in historic Chattanooga, TN. Lisa and I rolled into town a few days back and headed straight in Pandora's European Motorsport, who were hosting our A.S.K (Adventure Skills Klinic) two day event.  Justin (owner) from at Pandora's had already arranged our accommodation at the newly refurbished Holiday Inn Express and, by Friday evening…
July 05, 2016

Hilleberg Renew Sponsorship

Hilleberg Renew Sponsorship for 2016-17"I can’t imagine how we could have survived 13-years in another tent. Across 6 continents, the Keron 4 GT has never let us down. Thank you Hilleberg.”Simon Thomas, 2 Ride The WorldLisa and I proud to announce that Hilleberg The Tentmaker have just confirmed that they will be renewing their sponsorship for 2 Ride The World through to 2017.Hilleberg has been one of our longest standing sponsors and their incredible Keron…
May 17, 2016


I often wonder what our lives would have been like had we not decided to start a journey on two motorcycles? It was only going to be a short career break of 16 to 18 months...perhaps 24 months at a push. We never ever imagined that our journey would still be on-going after an incredible 4,745 days (or if you prefer 676 weeks) travelling and experiencing the marvels of this wonderful world we live on.If…
May 11, 2016

New Sponsor: Weego

Power for our cameras, SENA headsets, phone and our, there and everywhere.These portable power devices are incredible. Oh yeah and they’ll jump start our bikes." Simon Thomas    What is power? It’s a pretty big question and too be honest I’m not sure I have a definitive answer but I know what a lack of power feels like. I know what it’s like to be stuck in a strange landscape, where nothing is familiar.…
April 18, 2016


SENA’s latest technical offering is designed to keep you powered up, wherever your ride or your adventure takes youLisa and I rely on the SENA 10C’s to handle both our bike-to-bike communications needs as well as our POV HD video requirements. That’s a lot to ask and the 10C’s have never let us down.Push anything hard enough for long enough though and something’s got to give. I love to listen to music whilst I ride,…
November 25, 2015

Radical New Rides

These are two of the most exciting bikes we have ever ridden. Lisa Thomas, 2 Ride The World After 12-years of insane riding, our journey has to evolve, things have to change and parts that are worn out have to be swapped for newer and more up to the minute technology. After all the miles ridden a bond has been created between us and our original bikes. We’re far more sentimental than we thought.At the…

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