Honz’s Dakar Bar

There’s nothing like that new helmet smell. Clean, warm, and super cozy. We’ve been waiting months to get our heads inside our new Touratech Aventuro helmets. US customs had held them for 5 weeks whilst they made whatever checks they needed to make, before deciding that the Aventuro helmets were OK for use on American roads.

The smooth and fast 21 was taking us south and down to Bob’s legendary wooded cabin. We’re looking forward to sipping on a few rum and cokes at Honz’s Dakar Bar. He’d mentioned the self built bar in the woods yesterday. With no running water, no power and no internet it’s going to be the perfect way for us to decompress from what’s been a manic and tiring few weeks since we left Mexico’s Yucatan.

parked up in front of Honz’s cabin, home sweet home…for a night.

Lisa in her usual queenly pose.

With a quick stop for gas, we pulled back onto the road and meandered through a scattering of small sleepy American towns before leaving the tarmac for the loose gravel track that led us up to Honz’s cabin. A large wooden deck, complete with the Dakar Bar nestled back into forest. Perched right next door and small unlit wooden cabin that would be our home for the night. Gary, a good friend of Honz’z was already making us welcome.

“Beer, Rum and Coke or Gin and Tonic” Came the polite and perfectly timed question? With our bags thrown into the cabin we kicked back, sat at the bar and listened to the silence of the nearby lake and the forest. Neither of us can remember when we we’re this quiet. Bliss!

Four friends around a fire.

The roar of Honz’s R1200GSA LC an hour later shattered the silence as he belted around the last corner, sliding the rear of his bike with his throttle as he’s obviously done a thousand times before.

twenty minutes later and the four of us are neck deep conversation concerning all things motorcycle related. Gary was a star as he’d turned up with some locally produced salami, strong bitey cheese, chips (that’s crisp’s to our European friends). The pièce de résistance was the bratwurst sausage, which Gary cooked with a healthy portion of Sauerkraut.

Honz’s hand built dakar Bar.

So what’s riding all about? Well, I’ll tell you, it’s about riding down to a mates cabin, sipping on a drink and falling into effortless conversation about anything and everything, with your boots perched on loosely scattered rocks around a roaring fire. With our faces lit orange from the glow of the flames the evening passed effortlessly. This is just what we needed. See you in the morning. gary’s already promised eggs and bacon for breaky!

Honz kicking back at his forest retreat.

May 31, 2015
Updated: June 3, 2015