the Indian High Commission

Today Alex was packing up in readiness of moving in for a few days with his friends who live locally. We bought his spare rear wheel from him as it fits Simons bike –plus it’s a Conti TKC 80 – and we are unlikely to be able to find these let alone import them as the import tax in India is 500%!! It was quite expensive compared to the prices we’d been paying in the USA (Euro 140) but a sensible decision. Now I have to try to sort out some for my bike as they are now dangerously worn.

With Alex gone I decided that I would stay at the ‘campsite’ to watch things despite there being the 20 or so guards milling around. You never know.

We had found out that all the guys last night were military and that this was their base. They were here to make sure the area and surrounding area was secure. With one of them behind a pile of sandbags manning a huge machine gun I guess we may be safe! Anyhow I still wanted to ‘suss things out plus I had quite a few things to do during the day.

Simon and Nico went off to the Indian High Commission to start the visa process. Halfway thought the morning Simon came back in a taxi and running up said that the embassy is only giving a single entry 3 month visa…. (Usually for Brits is a 6 month multiple entry)…but they would consider 6 months multi if we were on some kind of expedition…he had come back for all of our info that we had done for the issue of our PAK visa. Unable to find it I remembered that they guy from the Pak embassy had kept it all. I spent the rest of the day doing odd jobs and reading up and notes etc…..whilst getting colder and colder.

The chief security organizer guy had come for tea as he’d seen the water boiling…however I was having coffee which he had but threw half away …don’t think he liked my coffee as no sugar! So after trying to warm myself up with hot drinks I finally got fed up of being cold. The last few days had been warmer but now we were a little more north again. By 4:30pm I had given up and gone into the tent and got into the 2 sleeping bags!

Dec 23, 2009
Updated: July 25, 2014