A Northern Ride

31st July 2016
A Northern Ride

Yesterday had taken its toll and we’d not hit the road until just before 12:00pm. So much for an early start?

Today’s been pretty steady, as we’ve headed west and up to New Hazleton. I’m not going to write much as the day was pretty uneventful. We’d kept a pretty steady 70mph pace and kept our eyes peeled for wandering wildlife. Caribou, elk and deer are all around us. The ride had been flat and lacked the dramatic terrain of yesterday, but we arrived in the small town of Smithers by late afternoon and booked into the Aspen Motor Inn. The price had me almost falling over by I ‘ve got writing and projects to finish and I need the internet do get it done.

At least it’s been sunny and we arrived in daylight and feeling less buzzed than we had last night. I’ll spend the another two hours tonight working on Lisa’s book. Night, night. (Aspen Motor Inn cost $99.20 and can be found at GPS: N54 47.342 W127 10.583)

Jul 31, 2016
Updated: August 6, 2016