A Night of NBA – Mav’s Vs Pelicans

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A Night of NBA – Mav’s Vs Pelicans

So we’ve been staying for a few nights with our good friends Mary and Steve Jacobs, here in Dallas. We’ve laughed joked and we’ve obscenely abused their awesome internet.

This morning Mary pops her head around the door and with a cool grin states “we’re going to an NBA Basketball game tonight and we’ve got box seats”!

“What” I blurted surprised by her enthusiastic statement. “it’ll be fun” Mary added and then promptly disappeared.

fun was an understatement. What a fantastic evening. Neither Lisa or I have ever been to a pro basketball game let alone got box seats. For anyone that doesn’t know the box seats are arguable the best seats available apart from courtside. A box at the Dallas Centre cost around $300,000 per year. Talk about being spoilt!

What an evening of pure Americana! Tonight it was the Dallas Mavericks Vs New Orlean Pelicans. The home team won with a score of 106 – 98.

I have had a few too many beers, and my eyes are closing so here’s a few images to better share the night.

Multi-millionair ball bouncers, cheerleaders, national TV and a packed arena, makes for one hell of a night.

Nov 8, 2015
Updated: November 8, 2015