Lisa's Musings

Lisa's Musing

Lisas Musings.


Ok so first off what’s a musing?
Well the dictionary definition of musing is ‘of a period of reflection or thought.
meditation, thinking, contemplation, deliberations, pondering, reflection, introspection, daydreaming, reverie, dreaming, brooding.

I suppose it’s what other people call ‘helmet-time’ that I have decided to call my musings. I take my travel time (and there is a lot of it) as a form of meditation, a stress reliever. And as I travel I have many thoughts that go through my head. Many questions. Many opinions. The only person ever to hear them is Simon. Poor guy!

Some of my musings are worthy to note, others are just ramblings, my thoughts, how I view the world. And how I view the world may be slightly ‘warped’ due to the kind of life I have been living over the last 13 years. But you are going to hear about them nonetheless, unless you decide to turn the page or swipe to another part of the constant social media swarming through our lives today.

One important point to remember is that these musings are my opinions. They are mine and mine alone and hence (as an opinion) are neither correct nor incorrect! But opinions are funny things, they change, grow and develop. Read on.