Alone but together

We had planned to leave today but after sleeping through both alarms we eventually woke up at 9am. Mmmm. So checking on the FedEx web site we see that our parcel is still in Dubai sorting office!? We can’t call as today all offices are closed. However, now the morning is fast disappearing and we have decided to get everything done that we can before leaving here, rather than do it all in Lahore– wash the bikes properly, use some polish on them (first time since the new paint so about time!) replace the missing bolts etc.

It’s also been nice to get back into the swing of it just being us again. It’s the first time that we have ever travelled with others and we are not used to having to compromise…at all! Simon and I usually have the same ideas and plans and want to do exactly the same thing at the same time! Lucky eh?

Jan 3, 2010
Updated: July 25, 2014