…a mere woman!

OK – so another lie in – but this morning was the first morning on our own since we were in Bam, Iran. After being so long on the road on our ‘own’ it is often difficult to be around other people day in and day out. We have found that we have become rather insular- which we suppose is a good thing in a way as we have to rely on each other so much for all types of things….it’s a good job we ‘get on’ ok after so many years together!

Simon went back to the small workshop in the market to pick up the two number plates. The price to get them made and then both fitted was a ludicrous 100 Pak rupees each around $1.

Taking his bike into the small market bought the whole palce to a standstill as eveyone came out to look at his bike. Returning with my bike a little later caused even more fuss as onlookers stood in disbelief that the 650GS was ridden by me…a mere women!

Jan 2, 2010
Updated: July 25, 2014