Indian visas are granted

Happy New Years eve! Well -we celebrated the New Year in by going to the Indian embassy here in Islamabad. After taking a taxi to the guarded compound – well actually it’s a huge area encompassing all off the embassies and a couple of villages/towns too so rather like a city within a city.

We were dropped off at the shuttle service area where we picked up the bus and after 20 mins we arrived at the embassy. The queue was small and after a few mins we had our Indian visas!! Hooray!

After Simon had been told (during application) that they were only providing a 3 month single entry visa – we had provided additional information i.e. letters about our trip and charities, aims etc and had been granted a 6 month visa but still only single entry. Not a huge problem though – it was the duration that was more important for us. So, a good New Years prezzie. Nico (we think as we applied at the same time) also got 6 months – though he was a bit peeved at only getting single entry.

Heading back to the guest house Simon and I jumped out of the taxi and walked to into the luxurious Serena hotel. Its grand entrance and sophsitcated western style décor all adding to it’s 5-star status. We treated ourselves to lunch as a celebration. We decided that beef would be a good idea as once we are in India it’s not going to be an option.

Back at the hotel we spent the afternoon with odd jobs, diary etc and then celebrated our New Year eve 5-hours before the UK. The USA are still in last year- so we will celebrate it again!

Oh boy – this is so different to last year’s celebrations. We decided that due to ‘gatherings-parties’ being targeted by suicide bombers we would have another quiet night in – much to Nicos disappointment. We had hoped that we would be going to a local camel race but the guy who had invited us was ill and so we were unable to attend.

As Simon was still recovering from his illness a few days ago we once again went to bed early and tried to watch some TV – loosing the plot of most of the movies as they were interspersed with the all too frequent power cuts.

Dec 30, 2009
Updated: July 25, 2014