Riding the streets in Rawalpindi

With Lisa still in bed, Nico and I hopped on the bikes and headed the short 8-miles down to Rawalpindi and into the chaos of their legendary traffic jams. 30 minutes later and we were neck deep in belching car fumes and being buzzed by the nutters on the mopeds.

We’d heard of a bike shop that had parts for larger machines but after an hour of semi-conversation in chopped and broken English it was sadly clear that they had none of what we needed.

Back in Islamabad we dropped by the Nikon service centre only to find out it was just a store front and the shop hadn’t opened yet.ah well.

With the day seemingly wasted we were back at Aspen Lodge by 6:00pm and tinkering with Nico bikes and adjusting the valves on his Africa Twin.

Dec 26, 2009
Updated: July 25, 2014