A Xmas present -a shalwar kameez

With a lie in and some TV watched between the power cuts –today was just another normal day.

A stroll around the market (within walking distance) turned out to be a good day for me with Simon remembering that he said he would buy me some material once we were here so I could have something made up.

Amongst the throng of fabric sellers we found some wonderful rust/orange/gold material that comes in the standard lengths cut for the traditional Pakistani dress – shalwar kameez – that is the 3-piece dress for women – 2 metres for trousers – 2.5 metres for the shirt and 2.5 metres for the shawl. All for 1200 Pak rupees.

Clutching my beautiful new material we followed the beaming shop owner across the street to the tiniest shop we’ve seen in years. Two men frantically stitching away in a space nothing bigger than a telephone kiosk. After my measurements are taken and a price fo 450 Pak rupees agreed they confirmed they’ll make up my clothes in a matter of hours.

Now I need some shoes– some low –heeled glitter for 300. Simon during all of this ‘taking tea’ with some of the other stall holders whilst taking their photos – he even had one stall holder come up and specifically request photos to be taken!
After this Simon decided that the day was only going to get more expensive for him and called it a day.

Dec 25, 2009
Updated: July 25, 2014