arriving in Lahore

Morning came all too soon but at least I wasn’t as bad as last night and by 7:30am the bikes were again parked up front and loaded. The armed escort turned up right on time at 8:00am and soon after we were in the thick of morning traffic. Like last night the streets were teeming with a million people all trying to get somewhere fast.

For the most part the traffic parted like the red sea in the wake of the police truck we were again following. We ended up changing escort 4 times and after a fairly uneventful ride arrived in Lahore some 5-hours later.

I’d made a mental note of the carnage on the road and had lost count of the sheer amount of dog body parts that we’d seen smeared across the road.

We’d seen a dead horse on its back, all four legs stiff and now pointing skyward. The fact that the horse was white made the spectacle all the more disturbing.

On the outskirts of Lahore our escort waived us on and we were left to our own devices for the first time in what seemed like an age. The atmosphere is noticeably less tense that the other cities we’ve visited. After deciding that the Regal inn was a complete dump and offered nowhere to securely park the bikes apart from a multi-storey car park 10 mins away – we moved on and Lisa and Alex managed to wrangle a decent room rate 40,000 rupees for the four of us in a single room.

We went out to a local place to eat called Cookers where the food was good and very cheap compared to the other prices we’ve been paying. I’m falling asleep as I type. , its time to stop. Not too sure if anyone snores though…….

Sinbad Hotel, Nishtar Chowk, Bahawalpur Road, Multan. Tel: 451 2640

Dec 21, 2009
Updated: July 25, 2014