Svens Basecamp

August 9th 2016
Tok to Fairbanks

We’d managed to leave Tok at a reasonable time and were happy to still be packing in the dry. The earlier clouds of the early morning had evaporated to leave clear blue skies.

100-miles later and we were pulling into the tourist information car park at Delta Junction. Hey, I know it’s kinda’ cliché but it’s still fun, yes even after all these years to pull up and grab photos in front of certain road signs. The large white post that marks the end of the Alaskan Highway happens to be one of ‘those signs’. Besides, the tourist info office offers free coffee. As a side note, the coffee goes great with the bars of locally made bars of chocolate they also sell. Hey, just saying. Chocolate is…adventure food, right?

The young lady in the office was obviously very used to riders pulling up and asking for permission to park up in front of the sign for the obligatory photo. A few minutes later and I was wheeling the bikes around and setting up the photo, whilst Lisa sipped her coffee and chatted with tourist, who were now more interested in us than the sign they’d stopped to photograph.

We’d had a decision to make; head straight to Fairbanks and push north to Deadhorse whilst the weather was in or favour, or risk heading south to Anchorage first and risk the weather turning foul. We’d then have to ride to Prudhoe Bay in the rain, on what the locals call a road of diarrhea. Yeah, it hadn’t been a tough decision to make.

The weather, so far, had treated us kindly.

95 easy tar miles after leaving Delta Junction and we were cruising into Fairbanks. We’d already hear good things about Sven’s basecamp. A travellers hostel and campground on Davis Rd and just a few minutes away from Trails End BMW, where we’d had new Conti TKC80’s shipped, in readiness for the haul rd.
(You can find Sven’s Basecamp at GPS: N64 49.605 W147 48.475)

Arriving at Sven’s we parked up next to tricked out and custom painted BMW F800gs, the gorgeous beast belonging to Thomas and his girlfriend, from both Germany and who had just ridden back from Deadhorse. Needless to say, this evening was spent with new friends, sharing stories and advice of the ride to come.

We decided to camp as the weather was good and the camping area was shaded and secluded -at $8 each and $8 per tent it worked out as the cheaper option.

Aug 9, 2016
Updated: October 2, 2016