Flirting with Alaska

August 6th 2016
Whitehorse to Beaver Creek

At the Fas Gas station in Whitehorse, we pulled over and filled both bikes with fuel. Lisa had zotted-off to speak with the 3 guys on their adv bikes, who, it turns out are all headed to Prudhoe Bay.

92 miles west of Whitehorse and surrounded by jagged mountain peaks we cruised easily down to Haines junction before taking the right-hand spur and that lead us past Kloo lake. It would be easy and almost obvious, when writing this, to pull out every descriptive in the hopes of painting a verbal picture that would do this landscape justice, but there are only so many ways you can describe it’s stunning wilderness. I hope you get some sense of what I mean from the photo in this diary.

By later afternoon our pace had been slowed, as we stopped and waited for the pilot cars that would lead us so slowly through the endless miles of road works. The water trucks ahead had made the track slick and slippery, which at 10 miles an hour just isn’t fun. We’d been impressed at the second set of major road works as the female worker yielding the stop sign signalled for us both to come to the front of the line. She’d been here for weeks and had heard of a giant grizzly close by. That small but thoughtful gesture stayed with us for the day.

We finally stopped for the day and pulled into the beautiful Adventure RV park at GPS: N61 59.112 W140 32.291. At $21 its good value with wide easy camping options, showers and a great equipped kitchen and café room with electricity.

The sun is setting over the mountains close by and it’s 10:03pm. Time for bed. We’ll cross into Alaska tomorrow and head for Tok

Aug 6, 2016
Updated: August 19, 2016