Wandering into Whitehorse

August 4th 2016
Watson Lake to Whitehorse

By 8am we were up, the tent was packed and Lisa was cooking a tomato omelette for breakfast, something she rarely does. Neither of us are breakfast people. With coffee drank and the bikes packed we picked our way across the gravel marble driveway and onto the Alaskan Highway.

The Alaskan Highway deserves it legendary status. Today’s ride was another roller coaster as we skirted flowering meadows, before diving into deep forested valleys. 90 miles west of Watson and we left the Yukon briefly as our highway runs south and back into British Columbia for 40 miles before turning north and back into the Yukon.

East of the small village of Johnson and we’re surrounded by dense forest of pines as we skirt the length of Teslin Lake, before turning west again at Johnson’s Crossing.

Today had been a short one, just 258 miles and by mid afternoon we were cruising the main street of Whitehorse before parking up in the secure underground parking lot of the Canada’s Best Value Inn. At $98 (Canadian dollars) it was pricey but we both need showers and the chance to sit and write is worth it.

I’ve just spent 30 minutes in the showers and made 2 pristine white towels filthy. I washed my hair 3 times. God, I feel clean!

Aug 4, 2016
Updated: August 19, 2016