Hilleberg Renew Sponsorship for 2016-17

Hilleberg Renew Sponsorship for 2016-17

quotes_sin_BGI can’t imagine how we could have survived 13-years in another tent. Across 6 continents, the Keron 4 GT has never let us down. Thank you Hilleberg.”.
Simon Thomas, 2 Ride The World

Lisa and I proud to announce that Hilleberg The Tentmaker have just confirmed that they will be renewing their sponsorship for 2 Ride The World through to 2017.

Hilleberg has been one of our longest standing sponsors and their incredible Keron 4GT black label tent has taken great care of us.

As we head north to Alaska for, it was too good an opportunity to miss, to not drop by the Hilleberg USA offices, east of Seattle and spend some time with Hilleberg CEO Petra Hilleberg and her US team.

Being able to express our sincere thanks face to face means a lot to Lisa and me, but then so does having friends Like Petra and Stuart.

So to everyone at Hilleberg, a huge thank you for your friendship and continued support. It means the world to us.

Jul 5, 2016
Updated: July 6, 2016