A Great Day at BMW of Ventura County

Today felt special for Lisa and I. Can I put my finger on why exactly? No, not really, but then I don’t have to, to know it was special none the less.

Lisa and I have been sharing our journey, our experiences and our life philosophies for years now. One of the most rewarding ways we’ve done this is via live presentations. We’ve shared with over 100 audiences around the world, some large and others, well, more intimate.

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I guess that’s one of the reasons yesterday’s event at BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County felt special. Because a part of me compares each event with those that have gone on before it. It would be hard not to.

Some events are good because Lisa and are just ‘in the zone’, hey some days are just better than others. Others are good because of the audience, their feedback, the atmosphere, energy, laughs and the connection that builds up. The great events are because all the above happened.

The team and BMWVC headed up by Michael Spencer had done all the hard work and the entire was day was fun and flowed easily. It gave Lisa and a chance to take it all in. To watch the reactions and study the way guest were reacting to what we were sharing

The day started early with coffee, donuts and laughs in the dealership car/bike park as we chatted with BMWVC clients about the new bikes. Back inside the air conditioned shop and it was time to begin the first of our first 4 master-classes.

Class 1, Better travel/ADV Photography. The class was a breeze! Sharing what I’ve learnt with easy going attentive new friends as we through our photo collection and discuss how each shot was taken. The considerations, the lighting and the techniques we used to get the image in question. There had been no fixed itinerary, I figured I ask the class what they wanted to discuss and learn. That way they leave with some genuinely useful info, they can all put into practice immediately.

Class 2 covered communication systems. Specifically the SENA Bluetooth units the 20s and 10C. Why we use them, the safety and security benefits and how to get the most our of them.

Class 3 was building the ultimate adventure bike. Yeah, it’s ballsy title but it gets everyone’s attention. This class threw up a few surprises. Most attendees are surprised by the approach Lisa and I have, but ours is based on long-term, real-life experience. Detailing why we’d make specific dramatic changes to our bikes brought on a deluge of conversation and questions until we called it a day an hour later than planned.

Class 4 was packed as Lisa took on the subject of eating and cooking on the road. How we (and by ‘we’ you know I mean Lisa) select exotic flavours, depending on what country we’re in and mix them with our ‘in-the-pannier’ pantry to create delicious meals. How to choose meat cuts, staying healthy, managing in the really remote regions of the planet and more. This was another class that went way over the expected time.

It was great to be able to share all this info that’s rattling around in our skulls. Pretty exciting to think that some of these guys will be using the lessons taught on their own travels. That’s damn cool!

The day wrapped up with our new presentation. ‘Lesson’s From The Road’ has been a labour of love and we take on the task of sharing the why’s, how’s and when’s of getting and staying on the road. From paperwork and security to bike choice and facing the fears of leaving and setting out. We cover the lot.

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Much like during the day, I’d made a real effort to watch and even record the audience. I take real joy in watching someone visually react to a photo, a story or a video clip we’ve put together. it’s hard to not feel that buzz when you know the audience is with you, feeling the excitement or the concern as we take on one part of our journey or another. Check out the faces.

The evening ended with applause as much for us as for the prize winners of the evening. We owe a special thank you to some generous sponsors who graciously gave us a great selection of prizes to give away. From branded Buffs and swag from Continental and technical riding gear from Moto-Skiveez to the top prize of a new Bluetooth communication system courtesy of the awesome crew over at SENA. Jay, you are da’Man!

Come and join us for our next presentation.

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Jun 4, 2016
Updated: June 5, 2016