New Bikes, New Horizons and the Inside Scoop


New Bikes, New Horizons and the Inside Scoop

I caught myself staring today. I knew I’d been looking at my new bike for a few minutes. I also knew that I wasn’t moving anytime soon, unless I willed myself away.
“C’mon Simon, get your shit together; you’ve got a ton of stuff to get to!”

“Just a few more minutes”, my inner child whimpered back.

It’s no secret that Lisa and I are on new rides. Two stunning custom built BMW bikes. They started their lives as an R1200GSA and an F800GS. Now, they’re something…different, something pretty special.

We’ve shared a few images and some thoughts over the last few months as the bike build’s progressed. However, it’s not been a simple or a quick process.

Since announcing our new bikes the questions that we have been asked repeatedly are:
“Where did they come from?”
“Who sponsored you with the bikes?” and my favourite
“Did you have to sell your souls to get them?”

So tonight I thought it about time to give credit where its so very, very due.

Ladies, gents and adventure nuts everywhere, I give you Mr James McColl and LXV Outdoor. Who are LXV I hear you ask?

visit LXV on the web

Drop by the LXV website and say hi: LXV Outdoor on the web

James has been a friend for a while. He’s one of the few friends we have that is only slightly crazier than we are: ask him about his last Halo jump!

James is also the CEO of LXV Outdoor, a worldwide manufacturing and distribution platform, which specializes in ‘all things’ adventure. LXV work globally with industry leading designers and adventure enthusiasts to manufacture and distribute adventure sport and outdoor products. Trust me, these guys rock; they are passionate about what they do.

We had spent time with James in Mexico on our last ride through and had eagerly compared notes about our individual exploits. The topic of our bikes and their mileage came into focus. Although our original machines were still doing well, there was no getting away from the fact that they were tired. Seals, bearings and other small items were failing. $5 parts that needed to be renewed would need thousands of dollars spent on labor in order to reach and replace.

“Wouldn’t you be better getting new bikes?” James had asked.
“Sure, I’ll just sell one of my Ferrari’s” I’d joked as my response.

I swear that’s how the topic of LXV sponsoring us with new bikes started.

Drop by LXV’s new Facebook page: LXV on Facebook

Weeks later and with a ton of research into ‘which’ new bikes we wanted I’d asked James, “why?” His response blew me away.

James gave us his thoughts on our ride.
“What you’ve accomplished, where you’ve ridden and how you’ve done it, is nothing short of incredible!

Whether you realize it or not, your journey has been a true odyssey and one of the longest and most remarkable journeys of all time!

You’ve been exploring the world, it’s cultures, it’s people and all that connects us, for over 12-years. Only a handful of people in history can make a similar claim.

I don’t know of anyone outside National Geographic journalists who can boast over a decades worth of exceptional photography and video material from around the world. You have literally recorded the world from your unique perspectives. I don’t know how you’ve managed it. I want to see you continue, to succeed and to see this journey to its end. I want to be a part of that success”.

I remember that both Lisa and I were lost for words (doesn’t happen often). James’s’ description had left us both humbled.

So, to James and the team at LXV a sincere thank you from both Lisa and I. Thanks for welcoming us into the LXV family. You and your team are exceptional. Here’s to an exciting and adventure packed 2016 and beyond.

LXV Outdoor on the web

Lisa and I also need to thank Dan, Debbie and the staff at BMW Motorcycles of Riverside, who agreed to supply the new bikes at a crazy price and then sponsored the entire build. There will be a complete write up about our time at BMW of Motorcycles Riverside and the bike build story of what got done and why.

At over a hundred hours, the build has been challenging but the results speak for themselves. Lisa and I are genuinely blown away by the performance of the new bikes and with what Riverside have been able to accomplish. They richly deserve their reputation as the Premier GS and adventure dealership in the US.

Dec 22, 2015
Updated: December 22, 2015