A MacPhun Morning


quotes_sin_BGI’ve been having fun over the last few weeks with Macphun’s brand new and powerful Photography filter Software.”. Simon Thomas, 2Ride The World

A MacPhun Morning

HDR photography; people seem to either love it hate it. I’m not a huge fan of the ‘over the top’ surreal effects that can be created, but hey that’s just me. Macphun’s latest HDR piece of HDR wizardry Aurora HDR was created with a ton of input from Trey Radcliffe, one of the most prolific HDR specialist photographers in the world. From what I’ve seen in using Aurora over the last few weeks, I can tell you it’s been a powerful collaboration.

For any that’s ever tried to photograph the stunning majesty of the Grand Canyon, you’ll know that standard photography simply can’t capture the depth of colour and details that we see when we’re actually there. So, this morning I pulled out a set of bracketed shot I’d taken from our last visit to the South Rim, pulled them into Aurora and got to work. Browsing through the presets, I selected one that felt right and then got into the slider sections, where the photographer can begin to dial-in the specific setting to best create, what our eyes saw but technology failed to capture.

Check out this morning’s work. You can almost feel the ebbing warmth as the Sun says adios to the day.

You can buy your own print copy of this image from our gallery:.
Nomad Foto Landscape gallery HDR

Get your copy of Aurora HDR:
Grab a copy of aurorahdr!

Lisa and I became MacPhun affiliates recently, which means that if you want to create results like ours you can use the links on this page and purchase your own copy of AuroraHDR. Here’s the great part; By using the links on this page, the nice team over at MacPhun, say thank you with a small donation to our fuel fund. In other words you get a great deal, your images will look stunning and you’ve helped us get a few more miles down the road. So from us a big thank you.

Here’s a few more #aurorahdr created images

Get your copy of Aurora HDR:
Grab a copy of aurorahdr!

I hope you like the image. Feel fee to comment I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Cheers for now. Happy snapping
Simon T

Nov 27, 2015
Updated: December 14, 2015