A Red Fire on the Blue Ridge Parkway

A Red Fire on the Blue Ridge Parkway

So, I had big plans to write up the last two days of stunning riding along one of the most famous motorcycles rides in the USA, The Blue Ridge Parkway.

We’d belted from LA to Florida in 4.5 days, on soul sucking interstates, hardly the ideal way to get to know a new bike.  The last two days have been stunning.

The Skyline Drive was our first opportunity to get to know our new machines, flick through the gears and play with the incredibly responsives throttles. WOW.

I had intended to write up heaps but it’s 11pm and we’ve been on the go for way too many hours. The weather’s been bright but just above freezing. So let me just stay that we’re stunned by the performance of the new bikes.

Where the Skyline finished the Blue Ridge parkway picked right up. What a delicious day. This is what bike riding is about. Corner after wonderful corner through forest of gold and red. Bring on tomorrow

I’ll let the photo do the talking. It was great to be back in our tent. Our shiny new Hilleberg Keron 4 GT.



Oct 31, 2015
Updated: November 1, 2015