A Night at BOB’s

A Night at BOB’s.

Last night it hit home, for no apparent reason, just how long we’ve been on the road and just how much of a privilege it is to share the last 12-years of our lives with any audience.

We arrived at BOB’s BMW in Jessup MD two days ago, having ridden up from the AIM show in Orlando Florida. We were knackered and truly set on never seeing another bloody soul-sucking highway ever again. Well, at least for a week or so anyway. Yeah, we’ve still got to ride back over to LA to finish up the bike build.

We’d ridden up to BOB’s and were inside sipping on coffee and scoffing pastries by 9:00am and by mid-day we hadn’t stopped talking, such was the interest in the new bikes. A few comments hit home. Past the often mentioned statistics of our journey, the miles ridden, the number of countries visited, one customer had stepped back in shock and had pointed out. “But you’re saying that your only mode of transport for 12-years has been a motorcycle”?

I looked at him, puzzled by his statement. I glanced over at Lisa and her expression mirrored my own. “Umm, yeah”, I uttered, lost for any further response to his question/statement. Later that afternoon his words began to sink in. We take for granted that this is our chosen life. We’re on this journey and we’re riding bikes, it’s that simple, that straightforward.

What had struck our new friend was that past the aforementioned stat’s, is that we don’t have a car, a truck, a 4×4 or any other means of moving ourselves independently from one location to another, irrespective as to whether the new location be a country or just the local shops to get soda. Rain, sun, night or day, heat or cold, if we need to get somewhere it’s on the bikes. This has simply become our modus operandi. Going anywhere requires the performance of a ceremony repeated a million times. Riding suit on, poppers closed, zips zipped, keys grabbed, boots on, buckles closed, Helmet on head, gloves pulled on, goggles brought into place, ignition turn, gear selected and clutch released. Our version of bikers tai chi, our process, our meditation.

Hannah, head of Marketing at BOB’s BMW

BOB’s BMW is one of the most well organised dealerships in the USA. If your looking for a ‘special’ dealership to take care of you biking needs or just to head to as a venue for a ride then on the east coast Bob’s BMW is it. We’ve been to hundreds of dealerships around the world and they can begin to look all the same. Bob’s BMW is the exception. Their enthusiasm and expertise are legendary.

We also knew based on past experience that Bob knows how to run a great event, with nothing left to chance.

Bob runs a tight ship and by 5:00pm the AV gear was up and working, checks has been made, the seating for the ‘sold out’ event were in place and the food and wine were being set up to be served.

Fiddling with a laptop connector I was internally analyzing if I felt more pressure to ‘perform’ based on the fact that over 100 guest had paid $20 a ticket for tonights event. I was actually relieved when I realized that it made no difference and that whenever we share our journey and the lessons learnt, Lisa and I always give it our all.

Our enthusiasm always, always makes up for any shortfall we might have in energy levels. It’s still incredible to me anyway that presentation guests forego being somewhere else to come to an event and hear us share our experiences. That’s the privilege I mentioned at the beginning of the diary post. it’s also the responsibility we feel to share our journey as earnestly and as powerfully as possible.

A facebook friend messaged us just this morning. He’d said to Lisa “it’s your fault I once again have bike payments. having spoken with you at the AIM show and learning what modifications could be done to get me (a shorter rider) onto a GS I’m once again back into biking. Thank you for the inspiration you provide”. Lisa’s audible response to reading this was “bloody hell, he means me?” It’s sinking in that I guess we do have some influence.

The icing on the cake last night was Danny and Pamela rocking up on their F650 Dakar. We’d spent a while in Mexico last year and had spent a lot of time with the pair in their restaurant Latitude 20. In Puerto Aventuras (yucatan Peninsula Mexico), as we climbed off the bikes hot and sweaty, Danny had walked over to say hello and introduced himself . Danny’s F650 was parked up close by and had probably seen better days, but he and pamela were determined to sell their business, load up their bike and ride to Alaska and then down to Ushuaia. Thier energy, enthusiasm and barrage of questions, reminded us of ourselves prior to own own departure from the UK. During 2014 I’m pretty sure that Latitude 20 played host to every motorcycle traveler heading north or south through Mexico. As professional chef’s D & p have no issues serving up great food and drink in exchange for stories from the road.

They’ve now been on the road for 7-months and just ridden down from Alaska. I’ve got to admit that I felt a sense of pride in seeing our two friends, climb off their F650, covered in the dust, dirt and adventure of the road and wearing smiles the size of mexico. We’d last seen them as wannabe travelers and here they are doing it. They strolled over to us as seasoned riders. Let the hug fest begin.

Seeing our friends in the front row was f*€king awesome. Knowing that they’re following their dreams, they’ve made the commitment and their on their journey is wonderful.

We couldn’t have asked for a better venue, better host or a better audience. The atmosphere was great and the laughs rolled from the first part of the show and into the second half. During the video sections I stood back and just watched the audience’s reactions. It was then that I realized that everyone was totally engaged. They were with us on our journey. As the event wound up, they wanted more, they wanted to hear more stories, wanted more of our insight and were buzzing. If just a few of them take a longer ride having seen our presentation that would have before I’m thrilled. So many want to ride farther, longer or to somewhere new. So many of them can.

A great night. Thanks to BOB’s BMW and all our guests that gave us their time and helped make the event the success it was.

See you down the road.

Oct 26, 2015
Updated: January 18, 2016