Four’s a crowd-BOB’s BMW

Yep, four’s a crowd, but what an awesome crowd it is.

You know what I’d like to be all ‘blaise’, about the fact that we’re stood at Bob’s BMW, with our four BMW motorbikes, but I can’t be. I won’t be, shit…I shouldn’t be! This is a big deal. We never imagined we’d ever be in this situation.

All four bikes at BOB’s BMW Jessup, Maryland.

We’re both in the ‘pinch me stage’ of the situation. We’re stood next to four bikes that we own, our two familiar trusty bikes Tarzan and Tinkerbelle and now the two new pretenders to the throne. The aptly named Taz and Natasha. Our good friends Darrell and Sandy Faulkenberry, owners of Second Wind BMW had been storing our original bikes in their showroom. We knew they were in good hands.

We’d bumped into Bob of ‘Bob’s BMW’ Fame down in Orlando FL at the AIM bike show and chatted briefly about our upcoming presentation at his store on the 24th Oct. Within minutes of meeting Bob asked “what’s happening to your old bikes?”

Seconds later and Bob had offered to house them and share them via his impressive museum, a stones throw from his store. We were blown away. We’d visited Bob’s museum years earlier and his collection is one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen. There are some incredible examples of BMW Motorrad history in there. To have our bikes in that type of company is a wonderful opportunity. We quickly thanked Bob for his quick thinking and the offer.

Just days later ad Bob had organised the logistics and dealt with the associated cost of collecting our old bikes and transported them down to Jessup.

Bob’s BMW is a special place, the enthusiasm and passion for BMW riding is tangible. The second you walk through the front door of Bob’s BMW you know amongst riding friends. As for Bob, he eats sleeps and breaths BMW Motorrad. If you’re passing anywhere near Jessup Maryland, do yourself a favour and drop by for a coffee and a chat. It’s worth going out of your way for and go and say hello to our old bikes. They’ll be glad to see you.

We’ve clocked up 4,000 ‘getting to know you miles’ on the new bikes since we left LA last week and I’ve got to admit I was caught off guard by just how sentimental I felt throwing my leg over my trusty R1150GSA. It was like coming home. The seat, the bars, the fit of the entire bike all felt so, so familiar. So comfortable. But after 12-years how could it not?

Bob, Lisa and I owe you a sincere thank you for making this happen and for giving a new home to our treasured bikes. Thank you!

Why do we both feel so guilty about riding the new bikes? These and a dozen other emotions ran through my head. The sagging shock on Lisa’s F650GS TT39 and the dripping oil from the leaking R1150GSA engine brought back to reality with a gentle tap to my forehead. Like I’ve said to Lisa a million time over the last few months, we’re not getting rid of these bikes, we’re just retiring them. It’s not like they’ve not earnt the rest!

We’d not expected to be able to orchestrate a scenario where us and all the bikes would be at the same location at the same time. I kept having to remind myself to remove the boyish grin from my road crap covered face. With the four bikes lined up it was time to grab some photos. It’s all so surreal. Enjoy the photos and let us know what you think.

I dont know when we’ll be with all our bikes again. What a special moment for Lisa and I. Thanks for sharing it.

Oct 24, 2015
Updated: January 18, 2016