Klim – New Sponsor


quotes_sin_BGGreat apparel, great product and great people. Being welcomed to join the Klim family has been a real privilege”.
Lisa Thomas, 2 Ride The World




Klim – New Sponsor.

Lisa and I are thrilled to announce that Klim are our newest gear sponsor.

You know what it’s like, you’ve spent the last 3 days in your riding gear and it’s time to change!

Lisa and I have always had a tough time finding great fitting adv casual apparel that can stand up to our demands. Hey, we love our riding suits but switching them out for something more casual for sitting around the campfire is always a welcome relief.

We’re very limted to the clothes we carry, so the trousers, shirts and apparel we carry have to do it all. We’ve always known that Klim make outstanding riding suits, but to be honest we never knew about their other apparel. Since throwing on our first Klim shirt and Inversion jacket’s we’ve been nothing short of impressed.

Do you remember when North Face first hit the scene? Their gear was pricey but super technical, they were the benchmark for quality before they went ‘all commercial’. Well, we’d say that Klim are the new North Face. They have just nailed everything; the right materials, the right combinations, the right zips and even perfect pocket placement. There’s nothing they’ve made that we’ve worn, that doesn’t feel well thought through. They have not cut corners to make an extra buck. From the stitching on the T-shirts through to the panelling and material choices of their jackets, it all just yell quality.

And yeah, wheeling a klim carry-on bag through the airport does kind a make you feel like a rockstar! :-)

So to our friends at Klim, thank you for your support, friendship and trust. See you down the road.

Hanging out with our friends Simon Pavey at the lawrence Hacking Overland Event in Canada.

Aug 31, 2015
Updated: August 31, 2015