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quotes_sin_BGMost people go riding for a weekend; some for a month; some for a year. However, no one has ever been riding like these two. Meet Simon and Lisa Thomas, motorcycle explorers like no other..”.
Interview Rennie Scaysbrook. Freewheeling Magazine, Australia

We would like to sponsor you“. Now there’s an awesome email to wake up to in the morning.

Lisa and I were approached by SENA the South Korean Tech and communication leader 2-years ago. The question they’d asked was if we used bike-to-bike communication system? Our answer was of course “Yes”! The rest as they say is history and we’ve been utilizing SENA state of the art comm’s ever since. Starting with the SMH10, then the 20s and now also the groundbreaking 10c and Prism camera’s, we’ve got nothing but praise for their high tech gadgetry.

Never ones to stand still SENA have just released their brand new website, which includes a section on their Brand Ambassadors. Lisa and I are excited and proud to be included.

SENA Adventure Seekers

So, why not click the image above and drop by and see what we’re up to with SENA.

As always if you have any questions about us or the gear we use day in day out, drop us a line or leave a message here or on the 2RTW Facebook page.

Need more info? Check out our review of the SENA SMH10 

Want to know how the SENA Prism camera holds up in the real-world? Check out our short film, shot entirely on the Prism as we rode north from Mexico up to the USA border.


Jul 14, 2015
Updated: July 14, 2015